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PERU: Explore and enjoy its wonderful destinations!

9 destinations, 9 reasons not stay at home


    Peru welcomes you!

    Lima: Enjoy the cultural and business center of the country and its gastronomic delights.

    Cusco: Have fun in the capital of the Inca Empire and experience its architectural wonders. View maps

    Arequipa: Be surprised by the beautiful White City and take advantage of its industrial and commercial center. View maps

    Puerto Maldonado: Enjoy the Peruvian Capital of Biodiversity and its rich flora and fauna.

    Chiclayo: Experience the capital of friendship and feel the warmth of its inhabitants firsthand.

    Piura: In the City of Eternal Sun you will find hospitable people and beautiful dry tropical forests.

    Juliaca: Fly to one of the most important trading centers in Peru and enjoy its architecture and festivities.

    Tarapoto: Discover the charm of one of the main tourism and trading cities in the Peruvian Amazon.

    Trujillo: Discover its archeological area and pre-Columbian attractions.

    Go ahead. The best trip begins the moment you decide to make it!