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Service and Emotional Support Animals.

The airline only accepts Dogs as service or emotional support animals.

Guide or support dogs

Animals that are specially trained to accompany persons with disabilities are allowed without a case in the cabin, as long as their master is in full control of them at all times.

These animals do not count as live animal transport. It is understood that these animals are trained to carry out their physiological needs at determined times and places.

Emotional Support Animals

You must present documentation from a mental health professional justifying the need to travel with an emotional support animal. The date of issue of this document must be less than a year before the flight departure date.

Note: Due to security restrictions, if you are traveling with a support animal you cannot sit in an emergency exit row.

At the airport we invite you to:

  • Be at the airport 3 hours before the scheduled flight departure. Listen to all the flight announcements made by the Company to avoid any issues.
  • Have all the legal and immigration documents at hand so they can be presented on request*, including where necessary, the medical certificate.
  • Please inform us about any allowed mobility aid you want to transport in the aircraft hold.

*At the check-in counter, security and other controls, boarding gate, in-flight.