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When packing you bags: 

1. Do not pack the following items in luggage that you will check in the hold, it is advisable to take them in your carry-on luggage:

  • Photographic and video equipment, electronic items
  • Money, jewelry.
  • Medicines, medical prescriptions.
  • Documents, or articles that are considered unique and irreplaceable.
  • Keys, reading glasses.
  • Fountain pens or branded pens.
  • Computers.
  • Other valuable objects.

2. Avoid placing fragile items in your luggage. Breakage or damage to these objects may be unavoidable. If you need to transport something special you can contact our cargo office and we will gladly provide you a solution to fit your needs.

3. Identify your baggage (inside and out) with your name, address, city, country and telephone number(s), (including area code) and email.

At the airport: 

1. Make sure that the final destination of your journey is shown on the printed baggage tag and baggage claim stub. If you have any questions please check with one of our Staff.

2. Keep the baggage claim stub/receipt that you have for each registered piece of luggage.

3. Many bags look similar. Please take extra care to check that the baggage tags attached to your luggage match those given to you at the airport where you started your journey, and if possible, make sure to add something to distinguish your suitcase(s) from others so that that it is (they are) easy to identify in the baggage claim area.

4. Claim your luggage immediately on arrival at the destination airport and check the condition. If you have any questions please speak to an Airline employee who will gladly assist you.

5. For your own safety and security never accept, transport, receive, or agree to look after luggage from a stranger.

If you have any problems with your luggage please don't hesitate to contact one of our team.

Note: where Customs regulations allow, luggage will be checked straight through to the final destination. On some international flights with connections (especially in the U.S. and Brazil), passengers have to pickup their luggage, go through customs again and give the bag(s) to the Airline.